The Devil Within (Chainsaw Man)


Artist: Jed Henry
Title:  The Devil Within (Chainsaw Man)
Print: giclee on handmade Japanese paper, signed by the artist
Edition Type: open edition
Print Size: 31.5 x 43 cm (approx.)
Framed Size: 47 x 60 cm (approx.)
Standard Frame: black mini retro frame with white mat / view framing style
(Only available framed.)

Note from the artist:

I really enjoyed designing this print. I thought it would be fun to hint at the Devil form hiding within his heart, rather than show it outright. And the little heart graphic in the top right is just too cute! The multi-faced devil looking down on them is one of my own designs, not one from the manga. The devil's cluster of faces are based on traditional Japanese Noh masks.

The right caption reads 電鋸人, which means 'chainsaw' and 'man'.

The left caption says 心臓失ったとき人間性も失ったのか?, which translates to:

Did I lose my humanity when I lost my heart?

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