Chris Turnham

A native to Portland, United States, Chris is an illustrator and printmaker who is now based in Los Angeles. His work is very much inspired by the vibrant nature and mid-century architecture of the city. He is particularly intrigued by the contrasting nature of LA's structural elements, such as the juxtaposition of sleek houses and rough alleyways.

Attending college in Seattle, Chris initially wanted to develop 3D graphics for games. He was then exposed to concept artwork for films and animations, and decided he wanted to pursue illustration instead. He continued to practise on the side, while working in the gaming industry for four years. Chris decided to try selling prints of his artwork at a comic convention, and ended up making contacts in the animation industry.

Chris has since worked as an artist in both feature films (such as Coraline and Paranorman) and television animation, and has contributed illustrations to publications and children's books. His latest publication is the heartwarming The Wish Tree.

Now going solo as a freelancer, Chris's artwork has become more freeform and expressive. He has recently set up a print studio at home, and is working on a number of pieces exclusive to Outré!