Painter, illustrator and designer Josh Agle (a.k.a. Shag) is the master of sharp, swinging lounge aesthetic that embraces illustrative finesse, flat perspective, and the type of subtle humour that has become synonymous with Shag's work. It is a celebration of consumerism through characters who smoke, drink and socialise in fantasy settings. His works are visually influenced by avant-garde animation of the early fifties and sixties, as well as generic advertising art of the same era – such as sci-fi pulp art and sixties clip art.

Outré Gallery has been proudly representing Shag almost 20 years, and he has visited Australia numerous times exhibiting with Outré. Outré has published a number of Shag book titles and many limited edition Shag prints exclusively over the years.

2017 has been a particularly great year for Shag, with the release of his new book, Shag: The Collected Works (available through Outré), which features a curated catalogue of his work over the past three decades, including new and unpublished work. Shag also had his 10th solo exhibition at Outré this year! Eager fans were lining up around block.

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