Andy Kehoe

Andy Kehoe is a traditional and digital artist born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. He lives there today with his wife, Ash, along with their furry family of one cat and two dogs.

Kehoe's work has shown in prestigious galleries such as Jonathan LeVine Gallery, Thinkspace, Roq La Rue, Copro Nason, and Outré, as well as featuring in Scope Miami Art Basel.

Kehoe is known for his mixed-media exhibition work and digital paintings which portray human-animal hybrids and spirit creatures set in an imagined forest world. Heavily influenced by fantasy & sci-fi art, Kehoe is also greatly inspired by the Romanticism movement of the 19th century and their emphasis on individuality, emotion, and drama. Andy has a similar intuition when creating his otherworldly landscapes. With a focus on imagination and emotional response as the source of aesthetic experience, his fantastical imagery evokes a sense of wonderment by emphasizing the mystery and grandeur of nature and the cosmos.

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Take a look at Andy's solo shows: Waking Unreality (2016), The Witching Hour (2018), and The Unreal is Here (2020).