Lynne Naylor

Canada-born Lynne Naylor attended the Sheridan Animation School in Ontario and headed south to the animation Mecca of Los Angeles. In the past twenty + years Lynne has worked at nearly every studio in Southern California - during which she helped to create Ren & Stimpy at Spumco, developed features with Brad Bird at Turner, worked with Ralph Bakshi on Mighty Mouse and made the girls in Bruce Timm's Batman series sexier and better. Not to mention her animation on the Rolling Stone's "Harlem Shuffle" video, her work on Roger Rabbit, Samurai Jack and the Powerpuff Girls.

Her work was also featured in Beatsville published by Outré Gallery, and her psychedelic vision is one of a swinging world of happening chicks, go-go dancers and women with attitude - Lynne's legendary pin-up drawings and paintings are treasured world-wide by artists and collectors alike.