Dominique Wylestone

Melbourne artist Dominique is a local artist with a fondness and appreciation of local history, place, and folklore.

In the age of digital reproduction, she has taken the time and energy to hone the hand made skills of traditional printmaking. Her drypoint etchings are done by hand scratching directly into a plate (copper, zinc or perspex).  Once it is inked up – the plate is rolled through an old-style manual press against a damp piece of printmaker’s paper.  Her editions of handmade prints are done in extremely low editions due to the nature of her process.  Their delicate nature and rarity make them even more special pieces to own.

Dominique infuses her delicately detailed art with an edge of darkness and foreboding. Anthropomorphized characters combine with floral emblems, decorative dresses and storybook references - all reminiscent of her love of folk art.