Derek Yaniger

Derek Yaniger was born and bred in the South, and was inspired by cartoon art all around him – on his father’s jazz albums, his mother’s recipe books, Mad Magazine, Rat Fink model kit box art. He graduated with a BFA in Illustration/Design from the University of Georgia, then moved to Atlanta to work for various ad agencies and Turner Entertainment. Feeling uninspired, Derek made his own comic book and landed a gig with Marvel Comics, then Cartoon Network, then decided to go solo with his retro-inspired art. His career spans over 18 years, and his own artwork delves into the retro world of beatniks, tiki bars and Vegas glamour.

Derek’s illustration style, reminiscent of cocktail napkin art of the 50s, can be seen in such magazines as Atomic, Barracuda and Car Kulture Deluxe, as well as on the walls of lowbrow art fans internationally. A book of his art, Wildsville, The Art of Derek Yaniger, was published in 2008 to critical acclaim, and featured over 150 original illustrations. He also created artwork for Kiddie Cocktails, a book of cocktail recipes. Derek has also exhibited originals a number of times at Outré Gallery.

Take a look at Derek's solo shows: Solid Gas - New Works by Derek, His Royal Highness of Retro Hipness (2015), Like Wow... and How! (2021).