Bren Luke

Bren Luke is an artist/illustrator living and working in Ballarat, Victoria, specialising in pen and ink drawings using a finely detailed cross-hatching and stippling technique. Bren's work often reflects upon urban scapes and glimpses of everyday life in the not so distant past as well as in contemporary life.

“Bren reacquaints us with the quiet vibrancy of things. First we notice the painstaking intricacy of his work, but then we settle into poignant moments that gently transport us to Tokyo and Meredith, to classic jazz and cinema. Yet as faithfully as he renders architecture and emotion, he invites us to see these faces and scenes anew, often from surprising angles. In the process he restores the inherent delicacy of the world around us: a hypnotic latticework of curves and contours.” - Doug Wallen, 2020

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