Blanca Gómez

Blanca is an illustrator and designer living and working in Madrid, Spain. She went to college in Milan, where she majored in Publicity while exploring photography and film. Returning to Madrid, Blanca began pouring her time into taking evening graphic design classes. This eventuated in her pursuing a graphic design career. It was then that she learned to worked in a very rigorous and precise manner.

Though she enjoyed design, Blanca was found constantly doodling on post-its in the studio. Everything changed when her then-boss recognised her illustrative talent and thankfully directed her to create more of her own art. What began as a hobby flourished into a fully fledged career. She began sharing her work online, and received her first commissions and collaborations through the internet.

Blanca has gained many a fan for her simple yet striking mid-century inspired works, filled with quiet narratives that can be very characteristically human. While Blanca’s work has been predominantly digital (using Illustrator and Photoshop), she has recently been working with new mediums, including watercolour paintings and sculpture. She has also been working on a few fun picture books.