kozyndan are the much loved collaborative art team of Kozy n' Dan. Kozy left Japan to study art in California - where she met Dan - and they have been living and creating together ever since. The power duo are avid travellers whose artworks often feature a message of respect and attention to our natural world, with their passion for diving and love for marine environments also popping up consistently in their work.

Probably most well know for their bunny-filled wave inspired by Hokusai’s Great Wave, their work for indie magazine Giant Robot, band artwork, and their amazing panoramas of epic chaos and beauty - kozyndan gives us an inherent sense of fun, complimentary vision and love for each other, making them an exemplar of artistic collaboration.

Take a look at kozyndan's 2016 exhibition Liquid Samadhi, or Kozy's solo show from 2023 Kintsugi Kozy.