Fish Out of Water with Chris Austin October 15 2023

Chris Austin is a painter and sculptor living and working in Toronto, Canada, whose paintings depict captivating scenes imbued with a surreal luminescence. His works are inspired by his travels through North America, and in particular, the Pacific Northwest. Chris explores the fluctuating state of nature and our place within that narrative. The underlying theme of his artwork is the climate crisis and the irreversible impact it has on wildlife. Chris also seeks to change the perspective of predator animals by introducing an alternative view of these majestic creatures. His paintings depict a surreal luminescence and captivating scenes.

Artist Statement:

I enjoy creating things to be seen together with a contrasting effect, and images that question and entertain the discussion of connectivity. I like presenting wildlife in bizarre manners placing them in scenes that oppose practicality, creating an environment in which nature becomes unnatural.

Interview by Mel Parker. Images and video supplied by Chris Austin.