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You're Just My Type Invitational Exhibition

Outré Gallery is thrilled to announce the upcoming YOU'RE JUST MY TYPE Invitational, an international showcase of emerging and established artists who simply have a way with words! With text in common, the featured artists boast their own distinctive and exceptional interpretation of language in art. From the study of typographic forms to familiar pop culture references this aesthetic never fails to tell a dynamic story. Curated as a spotlight on artists as logophiles and the often overlooked craft of lettering, we see a parallel between these artists' current practice and the overarching theme of text, word and language.


Aaron Craig / Alison Friend / Ashley Wood / Ben Coosmans / Ben Soedradjit / Bren Luke / Bene Rohlmann / Brett Piva / Carolyn Swiszcz / Casey Weldon / Chloe Smith / Claire Johnson / CONMAN / David Booth (Ghostpatrol) / Derek Yaniger / Dr Alderete / Eddy Bennett / Emily Fromm / Emily Thompson / Francois Tusseki / Gab Lewis / Gemma O'Brien / Georgia Hill / Greg Mount / HALFSTUDIO / Iñigo Sesma / Jarrad Martyn / Jason Limon / Jamie Grant / Jess Kitty Parker / Josh Juett / Joshua Smith / Josh Stover / Leon Keer / Liam Seear-Budd / Liam Snootle / Lovesoup / Lucas Geor / Luke Rion / Mando Marie / Matte Stephens / Melissa Grisancich / Mysterious Al / Neryl Walker / Ota / Pablo Pulgar / Pete Bakacs / Sarah Jamison / Steve Rosendale / Timba Smits / Tom Ferson / Wen Pham / Yeaaah! Studio (Stéphane Casier)

Artworks will appear below from 7am AEST June 13.

Click here to download the full show preview.