Xenoplasm 2


The first round of sales went to people who attend the show opening on July 14th.  Everything else is now 

Our website is not set up for customers outside of Australia to complete checkout HOWEVER, you will be promoted to fill in a purchase inquiry form and we can send you a direct payment invoice and shipping quote for the pieces you would like to purchase. Invoices must be paid within 8 hours to secure the piece.
If payment is not made then the piece will be offered to the next in line.

Customers outside of the Australia will also have 10% sales tax deducted off the price of the piece. 
Payment method. We accept all forms of credit card however there will be a 3% surcharge for AMEX. Sorry but we don't accept paypal transfers

AUSTRALIAN CUSTOMERS:  We can offer Lay-by for ALL Australian customers – securing your purchase will require a 50% deposit at the time of purchase, with a 3 week - 2 month lay-by length, dependant on value. This only applies to Australian customers. You will need to organise this with us in person or over the phone. 

 All prices are in Australian dollars. You can convert the prices here at www.xe.com

PICKUP / SHIPPING: The show will run for a 2 week period. All pieces will stay on display at the gallery until the show comes to an end. At this time - you are more than welcome to pick the pieces up from gallery alternatively we can organise to have the pieces shipped to you at an addition cost. We ship safely and inexpensively worldwide.