VANGUARD Invitational Group Show 2022

International Invitational Group Show
Fitzroy Gallery
9 September – 2 October 2022

Outré Gallery is proud to announce the VANGUARD Invitational, an exhibition featuring artists who are leading the way in their creative practices and forging ahead in new frontiers. Each artist brings something totally exceptional to the table – from their execution and technique, to their innovation, creative vision and idiosyncratic flair. Many of the artists invited to this show have never exhibited with us before, and we are eager to share their work on Australian soil. We also warmly welcome back artists who have shown with us previously and delight in seeing their newest original work.

We are so proud of the diversity on display in this veritable feast of international talent. Our artists hail from across the world: from the US to the UK, Japan to Mexico, the Netherlands to Ukraine – and even here, on our very own shores. The artworks span not only terrestrial scope, but breadth of style, methodology and concept. Our artists are classically trained or completely self-taught; displaying meticulous restraint or a flurry of expression. There are works of hyperrealism and fine rendering amongst the bold and abstracted. There are mind-bending surrealist pieces amidst chiselled, architectural wonders. Pop-art infused depictions sit beside the whimsical and folkloric.

It is a melting pot of visual splendour. These are the pioneers of their craft. Prepare for the VANGUARD – you will be spellbound.

Artworks will appear below from 7am on Thursday, 8 September 2022.