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Syd Bee – Addled Tales

Solo Exhibition
Fitzroy Gallery
25 March – 16 April 2022

"Syd Bee is a Seattle-based painter whose work seems plucked directly from the dream world. Bee uses rich, rosy tones in much of her art while exploring somber themes and emotions, and the marriage of these opposing elements gives her pieces a surreal, otherworldly quality. This dichotomy invites the viewer to dive deep into her beautifully eerie art, exploring the story told in each piece." - Kindra Nikole, Beautiful Bizarre Magazine

I originally began mapping out concepts for this show around the Autumn of 2019. At that time, I was starting to heal from a very intense breakup and relocation. Many of the pieces for this show revolve around grief and the passage of time. Eventually, I needed to scrap some ideas and start over on others, since so much time would eventually come to pass and I wasn't in the same place emotionally or psychologically as I was when the project began. While there is still plenty of melancholy in the work, there are also stories of freedom, protection, and reflection.

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