Shag - Parlour Games

PAST EXHIBITION - October 17, 2014 through Nov 16, 2014
Outré is proud to be hosting artist Josh 'Shag' Agle for a 3 city exhibition tour of original artworks at Outré Gallery Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

'Parlour Games' is aptly titled for Shag's exploration, in his own inimitable style, into people playing games.
The master of sharp, swinging lounge aesthetic, Shag has adopted the 'Parlour Games' theme to create fantastical studies into some of the best known board games of our childhoods - including guest appearances by those notable characters which have constructed their own happy place within our conscious.

His 'Parlour Games' exhibition will show new works continuing with Shag's custom to cheer for consumption - sprinkling subtle humour amongst quirky figures who carouse and challenge each other amongst the game's environment.

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Please see below for works available from the exhibition.