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Lazer Fist - Mercenaries


Lazer Fist (aka Ian Bartlett) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Melbourne, Australia.  Cursed by the nostalgia of his childhood, he spends countless hours filling pages of sketchbooks with mutated humanoids and other strange creatures reminiscent of characters from the cartoons and movies he used to watch in the '80s.

Some of these sketches make it to canvas, but only after being scanned for further experimentation.

He studied textile design in the UK and is an experienced apparel designer. Years of working in graphic design have pushed his paintings to become bolder and much simpler than previous work.

Artist statement:

In a poisoned wasteland, mutants from all corners are seeking an ancient treasure known as the Jewel Of Mystery.

The path is treacherous and only one can claim the prize. Greedy and violent, the Mercenaries will have to fight against each other to be the one who will seek out and witness the powers of the Jewel...

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