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Derek Yaniger / Richie Fahey / Jeff Raglus

We are excited to bring you a 3 person show consisting of renowned local and international artists - Jeff Raglus, Richie Fahey, and Derek Yaniger.



New York artist Richie Fahey hand colours his silver gelatine prints creating a technicolor facade over the realms of black and white. Inspired by all things old and musty: paperbacks, pulps, Polynesian pin-ups, he strives to recapture the world of lo-fi mid-century tiki noir. Outré is extremely proud to be presenting Fahey’s Australian debut of original work.

Jeff Raglus is an Australian pop art painter who regularly blurs the line between graphic and fine art. He has worked for Mambo, Swatch and the Arena Theatre Company. He is also a musician who has played many styles over the past 40 years. Raglus is not particularly concerned with genres either in music or art. His work is not strictly confined to a movement or group, though his work has an ‘outsider’ or ‘folk art’ feel, Jeff likes to think of his art as abstract cartoon or just ‘pop’.

Derek Yaniger’s visual universe in populated with beatniks, hula dancers, 1950s office workers all to the tune of a jazz band with bongo beat. Yaniger graduated with a BFA in Illustration/Design from the University of Georgia and worked as a commercial artist for clients including Marvel Comic and Cartoon Network. The bongo beat of the era he was drawn to lured him to star fine art painting in a classic vintage illustrative style reminiscent of mid century cocktail napkin art. Yaniger has since not looked back - his work has been exhibited in galleries worldwide and appeared in magazines including Atomic, Barracudea and Car Kulture Deluxe. Two books of his art have been published.