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Creature Creature – Sun Moon

Feature Exhibition
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
12 August–4 September

Creature Creature is an artist duo consisting of Chanel Tang and Ambrose Rehorek based in Melbourne in Australia. They first met at university and ‘flirted through art' until they formed an official union in 2011 under one name. Creature Creature was chosen from a quote in the 1960s film A Bucket of Blood, “A Creature is a Creature...or it is an artist!” Since then, they have continued a collaborative art practice that spans across exhibiting art, murals, street art, design and illustration.

Born in Adelaide, Ambrose has a Degree in Visual Arts from the University of South Australia. Chanel was born in Wellington, New Zealand, moved to Australia in 1998 where she did her Degree in Fine Art at Monash University. They met doing a Graduate Diploma in Graphic Design at RMIT.

Their work represents duality and the sum of a whole, a message of togetherness, states of balance, yin and yang. Their partnership breaks the myth of the lone artist, as collaboration is an instinctive ritual for them in realms of art, love and life. Collaboration is about preserving diversity, creating something complex, layered and fluid. The beauty of coming together.