Anna Di Mezza - Heaven's Gate

Exhibiting in the Small Wall Project
Outré Gallery Melbourne
19 – 28 July 2019

Anna Di Mezza is a painter who currently resides in the Blue Mountains, west of Sydney. Her works are surrealistic in nature, playing with perspective and combining subject matter with unexpected backgrounds resulting in bizarre visual narratives. Inspired by vintage photos, Anna likes to depict what appear to be stills from a surrealist film – challenging viewers to make up their own interpretation of the plot. Her paintings seem to straddle a fine line between humour and horror.

Heaven's Gate conjures up feelings of morbidity, the feeling that the images are a snapshot of a scene before a major disaster is about to happen. Anna touches upon the subject of climate change and the human impact on the environment. The subjects in some of the paintings are carrying on in their daily lives without even being aware of the potential disaster that is about to unfold.

Read our interview with Anna to learn more about her art practice. 

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