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Alfred Liu - DREAM QUEST

Alfred Liu is an Australian artist based in Melbourne, with a penchant for miniature marvels. He bestows a sense of wonder and imagination upon his finely rendered artworks, weaving elaborate tales of adventure, discovery and mystery. Alfred takes inspiration from fantasy, science fiction, Lovecraftian horror, history, mythology and video games – yet also delights in the magic of the everyday. With each artwork, we are welcomed into a world of intrepid explorers, brave warriors and shrewd aristocrats.

Artist Statement:

In the land of dreams, portals open and close leading to different times and places throughout the universe.

Karzelek monks travelling through the east to spread the holy word; the Ixian gate opens; adventurers, creatures and familiars make their way to distant lands. A wise cat rides a donkey helping all those he comes across or playing tricks on them.

As these portals fade, another opens and a mysterious red robed figure beckons you to come in.

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