'Woman with Blue Flowers' by Fabian Lundqvist

Artist: Fabian Lundqvist (Swedish 1913-1989)
Title: Woman with Blue Flowers
Medium: Oil on canvas
Dimensions: 29 x 52 cm canvas size / 40 x 63 cm frame size

circa 1960s
presented in a new hand painted white timber frame

Price: $1850 AUD (outside of Australia approx. $1385 USD)

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artist biography
Fabian Lundqvist was Swedish painter, glass designer and sculptor born on 16th March 1913 in Malmö. 

Lundqvist studied at the Skånska målarskolan (Skåne painting School) in Malmö in 1946 under the German / Danish artist and sculptor Harald Isenstein. He then continued his study in 1948 travelling to Paris to study under the French sculptors and painters André Lhote and Jean Fautrier. Lundqvist worked in oil, pastel and watercolour painting landscapes and figurative compositions.

Lundqvist first exhibited alongside Ib Tollberg at the Killbergs Konstsalong (Killbergs Art Salon) in Hälsingborg in 1944. His solo exhibitions include Ängelholm and Trelleborg (1950), at the Studio Schrader in Copenhagen (1951) and in Lund (1951), SDS-hallen in Malmö and Galerie Alioth in Basel (1953), Älmhult (1953) and Landskrona (1957). Lundqvist also participated in numerous group exhibitions - including Skånes konstförenings (Skåne's Art Association) exhibitions in Malmö (1943-1950), the Höstsalongern (Autumn Salon) in Helsingborg (1945-47) and the Kulingen in Copenhagen in 1953.

Lundqvist travelled to France (1947-50), Switzerland (1953), and Spain and Morocco (1954). He was a member of the Konstnärernas Riksorganisation (Artists' National Organization) and the Skånska Konstnärsklubben (Skane Arts Club)

In 1958, Lundqvist became a designer and artistic advisor at the Trelleborg & Alsterfors Glasbruk (glassworks). Examples of Lundqvist's work can be seen in the Ystad museums and the Malmö General Hospital. He also worked as a sculptor with reliefs in brass and metal foil with solid composition and structure.

Lundqvist died in Malmö in 1989 aged 76.

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