Join Me! (Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker)


print type: giclee on handmade Japanese paper

edition type: open edition / signed by the artist

print size: 31.5 x 43 cm (approx)

frame size (standard): 47 x 60 cm (approx)

standard frame: black mini retro frame with white mat / view framing style

** only available framed

Note from the artist on this work:

"This pivotal scene affected me deeply as a child. On one hand, Vader was a murderous, genocidal villain - the worst kind of bad guy. But on the other hand, he was sincerely inviting Luke to join him in overthrowing the Emperor, and creating a new dynasty. It's a gut wrenching proposition. Poor Luke - along with his new robotic hand, let's hope he got some counseling after that interaction!

The caption translates to '53 Aspects of the Force'.

Back in the 1800s it was common for artists to design large series of prints around one central idea. Following that tradition, I have decided to eventually complete 53 prints in this series.  It might take a while, but we'll get there!"

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