Defender of Many Worlds (Halo)


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Artist: Jed Henry
Title:  Defender of Many Worlds (Halo)
Print: giclee on handmade Japanese paper, signed by the artist
Edition Type: open edition
Print Size: 31.5 x 43 cm (approx.)
Framed Size: 47 x 60 cm (approx.)
standard frame: black mini retro frame with white mat / view framing style
* only available framed

** October 7, 2023 - just sold out. More on the way and due late October, 2023. Pre-order now to secure and we'll fulfil your order as stock arrives.

Note from the artist on this work:

'For years people have been asking me to adapt this series into an Ukiyo-e style image. At first I was too intimidated to try. Almost nothing in the this game lends itself to easy adaptation into an 1800s Japanese style. But as time passed, I grew more comfortable interpreting sci-fi material in this art form, and I finally felt ready to to give it a try. I am pleased with the results!

The top caption says:


Which roughly translates to:

"The gods made many worlds, and then sowed them as seeds of contention for mortals"

The bottom caption says 圓光, which is an ancient way to write the word "halo"..'

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