PAX (Cream)


Artist: Benjamin Vierling
Title: PAX (Cream)
Print: signed and numbered limited edition 2 colour screen print with metallic gold
printed by by Monolith Press, California. 2021
Printed on 100# Cougar Natural paper
Edition Size: 50

Framed Size: 49 x 64 cm (approx.)

Framing: black timber box frame / view framing style

- produced from an original ink illustration

Note on this edition from the artist:

"Inspired by the complex patterns of birds in flight, the starburst of doves evokes both radiance and harmony. PAX. Peace under sovereignty, the attainment of equilibrium through concerted action. The ancient Romans bestowed the daughter of Jupiter with the name PAX, a springtime Goddess whose reign was renown for benevolent equanimity. Rejoice in the illumination of synergic avigation!"

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