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What is a giclee print/serigraph print?
From the French verb “to spray”, the word giclee (zhee-clay) is used to describe a digital state-of-the-art fine art printmaking process. Giclee prints are created using a high-resolution high quality inkjet style printer. Images or paintings are carefully scanned and reproduced using stable pigment-based inks.

Giclee are printed on a variety of substrates or mediums, the most common being watercolour paper or canvas. The process lends high archival stability.

The giclee process uses such small dots and so many of them that they are not discernible to the eye. A giclee print is essentially a continuous tone print showing every color and tonal nuance. You often see that rich, velvety, smokey look to a giclee that is very seductive.

serigraph is a silkscreen process, printed by hand using silk screens. There is a separate screen used for each individual colour. Each colour is mixed to the artist’s specifications. Ink is squeegeed through the screen (which is a kind of stencil) and onto the media. Due to the labor involved and the life of the screens, smaller edition sizes are the norm.

Serigraphs are especially great for replicating sharp edges and bold, flat colour.

What is an Artist's Proof?
Before the advent of modern technology, the artist would pull every tenth print from the press during printing and examine it personally for quality control. Since these prints had been handled by the artist and personally approved, they were called Artist’s Proof prints.  And artists would often keep these as part of their personal collection.

The tradition of numbering 10 percent as Artist’s Proofs continues. Because of their restricted number, artist’s proofs are sometimes sold at a premium. Many collectors value APs for these reasons.

Can I buy a specific number out of a print edition?
Unfortunately not. We have a firm policy not to allocate or promise specific edition numbers.  We like to be fair (everyone gets a random number), and also our system does not allow for tracking numbers.  For the most part, modern print editions (especially giclee prints and serigraphs) are all identical in quality from the first to the last print. Your print quality is guaranteed.