Cozy Greenhouse (Pokémon)

$210.00 AUD

Artist: Jed Henry
Title: Cozy Greenhouse (Pokémon)
Print type: open edition giclée on handmade Japanese paper, signed by the artist
Print Size: 31.5 x 43 cm (approx.)
Framed Size: 47 x 60 cm (approx.)
Standard Frame: black mini retro frame with white mat

Note from the artist:

This cute little greenhouse is open to all those who love growing things. The aroma of potting soil and blooming flowers rises up from each potted plant. Golden afternoon light shines down through high glass panes, warming every vine and leaf with life giving energy. Come on in - pick up a watering can and stay a while!

This piece was done in a modern shin-hanga style, which was dominant in the early 1900s at the peak of Japanese woodblock technique. Shin-hanga prints are known for their atmospheric realism, and require many dozens of impressions with hand-carved wood blocks.

The bottom caption translates to 'pocket' and 'monster'.

The top caption is an excerpt from the Kojiki, one of Japan's oldest written works from the early 700s. The line translates to 'I vow that I shall catch'.

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