Sean Mahan / 1 Nov - 24 Nov 2024 December 20 2023

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Sean Mahan
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
1 Nov - 24 Nov 2024

Opening Night
6–8pm on Friday, 1 Nov 2024
319 Smith Street, Fitzroy
Drinks provided by Range Life Wine & Bodriggy Brewing Co.

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Sean Mahan is a social realist figurative painter who works with graphite and acrylic washes on wood to depict a sense of wonder about the innate warmth of the human character and its conflict with structures of power and control.

Sean has enjoyed creating cover artwork for the bands: Twelve Hour Turn, Floor, Daitro, Dauntless Elite, Jets vs. Sharks, Planes Mistaken For Stars, Beat Buttons, North Lincoln, Fires, Del Cielo, The Gifthorse, Mouthbreather, Senders, Little League, Back Pocket, Small Talk, Solid Pony, La Peche, Low Pines, Between Two Waves, Verde, Kids on Bikes, and more.

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