Erlend Tait - 2022 October 03 2022

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Solo Exhibition
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
7–30 October 2022

SHOW LIVE ONLINE - 7 am Thursday October Australian Eastern time - click HERE

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Read our interview with Erlend Tait to learn more about his art practice.

Erlend Tait is a Visual Artist based in the Highlands of Scotland. He grew up in the north of Scotland and received his BA Hons. from Gray's School Of Art specialising in Drawing & Painting. He then spent seven years working at a leading stained glass studio where he learned the ancient techniques of the glass painter-stainer. Both traditions of oil painting and stained glass inform his current practice which combines portraiture of imagined people with pattern and symbolism. Erlend exhibits his drawings, paintings and stained glass internationally and lives on the Black Isle with his wife, the artist Pamela Tait, with whom he also collaborates and exhibits.

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