SHAG PRINT EXHIBITION - 2022 May 01 2022

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Feature Show
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
22 Apr – 15 May 2022 

While this show is not online, please e-mail us to receive the catalogue of available artworks. Please note that we are only able to sell to Australian customers. When requesting a catalogue, please provide your city/state and a contact phone number. Thank you in advance for your understanding. 

We are thrilled to be celebrating the work of renowned artist Shag (Josh Agle) from 22 April in our Fitzroy gallery. We will be curating a showcase of rare and sought after Shag prints. This event will not have an opening night and will run until 15 May.  Look for some surprises in the show! We hope this will build anticipation for Shag's next visit to our shores in 2023!

Shag is a painter, illustrator and designer whose mastery of sharp, swinging lounge aesthetic embraces illustrative finesse, flat perspective, and the type of subtle humour that has become synonymous with Shag's work. It is a celebration of consumerism through characters who smoke, drink and socialise in fantasy settings. His works are visually influenced by avant-garde animation of the early fifties and sixties, as well as generic advertising art of the same era – such as sci-fi pulp art and sixties clip art.

Outré Gallery have been proudly representing Shag almost 20 years, and he has visited Australia numerous times exhibiting with Outré. Outré has published a number of Shag book titles and many limited edition Shag prints exclusively over the years.

Read our interview with Shag from his 2017 show to learn more about the artist. 

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