Carla McRae / Mark Conlan / Brolga March 12 2021

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Feature Shows
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
12 March – 4 April 2021


Carla McRae is a Melbourne-based artist who makes bright and cheerful illustrations with a strong colour palette. Her work is all about satisfying combinations of colour and form, exploring the beauty that exists in the everyday, and positivity—always.


Mark Conlan is an Irish-born, Melbourne-based illustrator who has created work for products, editorial, picture books, advertising and commercial projects. His style focuses on a strong use of character and composition empowered by whimsical and emotional situations. Incorporating rich and vibrant colour palettes, his aim is to produce atmospheric imagery.


Brolga is a Melbourne-based illustrator. He is known for his colourful drawings that morph into toys, murals, books, paintings, and ad campaigns. His work is all about vibrancy and constant experiments with colour and line.

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