Travis Lampe – Outright Foolerishment

Outré Gallery Feature Show
16 – 27 October 2020

Travis Lampe is an artist based in Chicago, US. He grew up in a small town in Kansas. After earning a degree in graphic design, he took a job in advertising as an art director in Chicago. While making ads for breakfast cereals and well known purveyors of inexpensive furniture over a period of several years, he secretly began “developing his illustration style,” which is not the same thing as “procrastinating.” Finally, when he felt the world was ready, he began his slow explosion onto the art and illustration scene, as it were. 

In Outright Foolerishment, Travis is sharing a new body of work with a bit of an Aesop's Fable feel to it this time. Travis stated, "Each painting comes with a lesson, but not the kind of lesson you'd want to 'take on board', so to speak. More the kind of lessons you learn from a pre-teen babysitter who starts smoking the second your parents leave the house."

Artworks will appear below from 7:00am on Friday, 16 October 2020.