Pantophobia by Jordan Debney

Feature Show
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
13 – 29 September 2019

Jordan Debney is a New Zealand-born Australia based artist specialising in illustration, streetwear graphics and light-reactive paintings. Jordan has focused on his passion for all things botanical and a fascination with the dead. His bold wood-cut paintings and hyper-coloured illustrations can be seen on clothing, brand packaging and large scale murals. 

Pantophobia is “the fear of everything”. Jordan's artwork represents themes of good versus bad. Jordan said, "To me it’s metaphorical: it’s the balance which I practise most days of my life. You can't have one without the other. I wanted to show that while something may seem bad, that isn't necessarily the case. Some bad events can be good, and a lot of good things that happen can be bad. It all has to do with how you approach it, how you react. Not everything has to be frightening."

Read our interview with Jordan to learn more about his art practice.

Artworks will appear below on Wednesdsay, 11 September 2019.