ONEQ – Uneri

ONEQ is an Okinawa-based artist who creates modern pin-up illustrations influenced by her youth spent on a very secluded Japanese island where she would spend her days dreaming of aquatic adventures and reading countless comics at a neighbor's home. Completely self taught as an artist her work has taken the world by storm over the past two years as her aesthetic is altruistic in beauty and form, appealing to all those who pass by. 

Here is the artist's statement about the show:

Uneri means undulation, the swell of a wave – and having your own groove. My works can be described as something akin to gyotaku (traditional Japanese fish print which fishermen took as records of their catch): I dive deep into the bottom of my psyche to find and capture the hidden monstrous ancient fish like creatures and lift them up to the surface to be seen.

When I create new work, I bring the surging waves of my soul and body into play to take a gyotaku of this creature. This process feels strangely similar to some sort of primitive prayer. The mind, body and the world move together constantly, billowing. Form and undulation. Style, beauty and rhythm.

Read our interview with ONEQ to learn more about her art practice.

Artworks will appear below from 7:00am on Friday, 8 October.