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Artist: James Jean
Title: Raven
Print type: archival giclee print on cotton rag paper with special detailing including sculptural glass-like details and enhancements, crystalline finishes and holographic linework and intricately detailed and dimensional chop

Edition Size: xxx
Paper Size: 50.5  x 64.5 cm (approx)
Image Size: 42 x 55.5 cm cm (approx) 
Framed Size: 61 x 79 cm (approx)

** prints due March/April, 2023. Pre-order now to secure and we'll fulfil your order as soon as stock arrives.

from the artist:

'The trickster takes many forms, disguising herself under a feathered cowl. “Gatcha, man!” she whispers as her mark takes the bait. After the mischief is over, she yearns for loftier goals. The raven redeemer sees a portent in the skies: even the greatest of sinners can become the greatest of saints. The coming storm brings a cleansing rain.'


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