Modern Folk

Feature Show
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
17 April – 6 May 2020

Outré Gallery is hosting an invitational show with artists we feel have an affinity with the theme of Modern Folk:

An impression of traditions real or remembered, shaped by stories, motifs and symbolism.

Dominique Wylestone, Scott Albrecht, Roman Klonek, Rebecca Chaperon, Tai Snaith, Louise Kyriakou, Bunnie Reiss, Ben Venom, Jon MacNair, Stacey Rozich, Neil Tomkins, Dennis Mcnett, Jonathan Pannacciò, Tronvs, Melissa Grisancich, Jason Mowry, Stewart Easton, David Shillinglaw, Alfons Bytautas, APAK, Hydeon, Charlotte Ager, Jet Martinez, Adrian Landon Brooks, Gustavo Rimada, Keya Tama, Man in the Woods, Jeff Raglus