Louise Kyriakou – On the Sunny Side of the Street

Louise Kyriakou a Melbourne-based artist whose current practice concentrates on the creation of contemporary ceramic forms primarily using the traditional techniques of low relief sculpting and sgraffito decoration.  Her background in illustration and design, coupled with her appreciation of Modernist design, has led her to bring to life her own unique style of sunny creations.  

The use of bold design elements and striking colour combinations in both her ceramic art pieces and paintings have continued to grow in number and style, and now grace the walls of homes throughout Australia and internationally.

On the Sunny Side of the Street is a collection of artworks that reflect both her personal philosophy to life as well as lived experiences. The past year has been a difficult one for so many, including Louise, but the choice to keep focused on the positive has kept her in good stead and is something she wanted to explore for the works she created for this show. 

The later part of 2020 saw Louise moving home and studio, and consequently landing in new territory. Once the extended lockdown ended and people could once again move freely Louise felt like she had a child-like bounce in her step as she explored the unfamiliar neighbourhood in the fresh light of springtime. Big Kid and the surrounding Sunday Sun ceramic pieces are a reflection of the feeling of being unburdened by the world and instead just revelling in the moment to simply enjoy being out and about. 

The series of paintings Louise has created expand on these ideas through a series of abstracted figures that encapsulate different structures, home comforts and the feeling of being settled in a space you build your life around and the specific outlook from there. The use of bold colours and block shapes in all her work are a fundamental part of her practice that allow her to be playful by bringing together a mix of fun and formality within her work.

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