Kels O'Sullivan – Interweave

Kels O’Sullivan is an emerging artist with a background in design and illustration. Living and working at Victor Harbor, South Australia, her natural coastal surroundings are a constant source of inspiration. She is especially interested in the beauty of the abstracted form and enjoys deconstructing shapes to create beautiful, balanced and emotive compositions. Symbolising relationships with everyday forms, expressing emotion, reflecting experiences and surroundings through the use geometry, colour, pattern, line and repetition.

Heavily inspired by shape, whether natural or indesign, Kels' work is intentionally abstract with repetitive patterning of imperfect and unique brushstrokes that work together to create a uniform whole. For Interweave Kels is exploring shadow, reflection and repetition, particularly layering brushstroke textures to explore and interpret colour. Aesthetically it is about the power of form, line, colour, composition, to create rhythm, balance, harmony and strength. Its subject matter is ambiguous, with minimal titles that hint at context and encourage individual interpretation and meaning. 

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