Femke Hiemstra - Fernweh

21 September – 9 October

Femke Hiemstra is a Dutch painter. Though her career began as an illustrator, her works became so elaborate that she then turned her hand to fine art. Within her paintings she portrays a Grimm-esque world, where highly detailed animal characters are set against dark, surreal settings. 

Femke's show title, Fernweh, comes from German and means a longing for the unknown or not wanting to go home. There are three original works for this exhibition with three different stories. One is a painted book cover called A Espera ('the waiting'), a romantic/melancholic setting with a twist, inspired by a 'lady waving from a window' old black & white postcard from my collection. Then there are two panels. One is a fireworks inspired piece called Freestyler, and one larger panel in a beautiful handmade tramp art frame called Les Ambianceurs, inspired by the dandy, like 'sapeurs'.