Alfred Liu - Voyagers

Solo Exhibition
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
15 July - 7 August

In a little karve with red and white sails, I glide along the river, winding through gently rolling hills. I see a band of Karzelek adventurers traversing on foot. I wave at them and wonder where their passage will take them.
As the days go by, the river begins to narrow. I bring the boat ashore. I have left the home of the Karzeleks behind, and before me are the vast steppes ruled by the great cat Khanate. Treading through the grassy terrain, I am approached by a caravan of merchants. 
“Where are you going?" I ask.
"We are trading our wares and visiting many strange places,” he imparts. “From dark ominous ruins and cities of the future, to shrines resting on the steepest snowy mountain tops. Come, join us.”
Sitting astride the merchant’s adorned camel, I secure my pack and look forward to the journey ahead.
For Voyagers I wanted to capture some of the ideas I have had rattling in my head over the last year, building little worlds inspired by topics that have recently taken my interest. I have been delving into history, philosophy, fantasy, science fiction, darker themes and, of course, video games. I have also taken more time to research into Eastern European and Central Asian cultures that have really inspired the setting for my little rabbit and cat adventurers. Ultimately, I wanted to imbue a sense of play and intrigue in these works, and share some of the knowledge I have gleaned. I hope you will enjoy them.  

Artworks will appear below from 7:00am AEST on Thursday, 14 July.