Martin Harris - World of Wonder

upcoming - FEB 12th - 1st MAR 2016

Outré is excited to be holding a showcase of Melbourne artist Martin Harris' original work, titled 'World of Wonder' - including a limited edition book for sale on the night - at our Melbourne Gallery in February 2016!

Melbourne based artist Martin Harris creates candy-drenched children’s fantasylands in the most delicate watercolours of amazing and enchanting detail. 

From 'An Inadequate Introduction' to the World of Wonder Book by Robert Brokenmouth:
World of Wonder is a parallel world to the one I grew up in, as seen through my child-like mind which I believe can co-exist in our adult selves, if we wish it to be so.”

When Harris explains, “Much of my creative inspiration is drawn from my childhood”, he includes toys now considered ‘retro’ or, even worse, ‘collectable’. Martin’s affinity with such relics of childhood is so deeply felt, profoundly human and wide-eyed with wonder that the ‘relics’ are not things he has long discarded, but intimate aspects of his own present-day self.

It is the natural artist in Martin which arouses a powerful appreciation in him for the things we take for granted, the things which rush by us so quickly we can barely recall them an hour later, which provides his inspiration; “I am drawn to the simplest of things such as a title from an old school textbook, to the beauty of animals, the microscopic world of the tiniest insect, and the Zen-like calmness of the natural world in my garden at home, or walking with my miniature Dachshund.” 

OPENING NIGHT FRI 12th FEB 2016 from 6pm
Outré Gallery Melbourne / 249 Elizabeth St, Melbourne VIC