Expansion Pack with Alfred Liu May 30 2021



Photos supplied by Alfred Liu.

Alfred Liu is a Melbourne-based artist, and is our first Small Wall Project artist for 2019. Growing up in China, Alfred found himself between two worlds when he moved to Australia at age seven. Unable to speak much English, he sought refuge in his imagination and the worlds he created. His work depicts his love for Australia, the nostalgia of China, and the escapism of science fiction and fantasy.

Alfred's upcoming show Expansion Pack is a sequel to his previous show RPG (2020):

You have journeyed with the Lone Adventurer and his companion in RPG, traversing unknown cities and encountering curious characters. This time, set off for distant shores and exotic lands in Expansion Pack – now with updated UI and graphics. Meet the race of the Karzeleks and their warrior clans: to whom will you pledge your allegiance? Many years have passed during the times of RPG and the nomads have become decadent in the lands of their conquered empires. Join the Lone Adventurer as you explore a new frontier together!