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Outré Gallery Fitzroy
4 – 27 June 2021

Due to current COVID restrictions in Melbourne, the opening has been rescheduled until we are given the greenlight to reopen. In the meantime, artworks will go live on our website from 7am, Thursday 3 June 2021.

Take a peek into the process behind Alfred's work.

Alfred Liu is a Melbourne-based artist, and is our first Small Wall Project artist for 2019. Growing up in China, Alfred found himself between two worlds when he moved to Australia at age seven. Unable to speak much English, he sought refuge in his imagination and the worlds he created. His work depicts his love for Australia, the nostalgia of China, and the escapism of science fiction and fantasy.

Read our interview with Lovesoup to learn more about her art practice.

Lovesoup is a Thai artist who was previously based in Sydney, Australia, and has since relocated to Tokyo, Japan. She is known for her soft, pastel-coloured illustrations featuring joyful characters and animals. With a formal background in architecture and graphic design, Lovesoup decided to take a leap of faith and move overseas to pursue her love of drawing. She now works full time managing her online store and creating designs for adorable stationery.

Read our interview with Alex to learn more about his art practice.

Alex Eckman-Lawn is a Philadelphia born illustrator who spends his days in the gutter and his nights in the sewer. Alex creates multi-layered, hand-cut, paper collages using everything from his original digital paintings to imagery from old medical texts. Each layer is spaced, creating a depth that draws the viewer into the pieces. His work has appeared in comic books, on album covers, book covers, T-shirts, music videos, newspapers, and posters.

Read our interview with Misery to learn more about her art practice.

Grey Lynn Artist Tanja Jade McMillan (Misery), is a New Zealand-based wall and pop artist. Tanja has exhibited in Berlin, Taiwan, Melbourne, Paris, Hawaii and Los Angeles. Her creative reach is extensive, ranging from highly crafted paintings and wall art to animation, fashion, toys and children’s decor brand Misery Guts. Tanja also sculpts, having completed two commissioned bronzes in Auckland’s Art District of Karangahape Road in 2016. Stylistically she could be equated to a saccharine Bill Hammond, with obvious visual references to her Tahitian / Chinese heritage, which can be seen through her subject matter, flattened depth of field, mode of storytelling and outstanding ink work.

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