VANGUARD Invitational 2020 December 24 2019

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International Invitational Group Show
Outré Gallery Fitzroy
18 Sept – 6 Oct 2020

Outré Gallery is proud to announce the VANGUARD Invitational, an exhibition featuring artists who are leading the way in their creative practices and forging ahead in new frontiers and expressions. Each artist brings something totally exceptional to the table – from their conceptual execution and technical skill, to their innovation, creative vision and idiosyncratic flair. Many of the artists invited to this show have never exhibited with us before, and we are so excited to share their work on Australian soil. 


Alfred Liu, Pete Bakacs, Derek Yaniger, Dennis McNett, Pavel Guliaev, Helice Wen, Ben Ashton, Iva Troj, Keya Tama, Niels de Jong, Marcos Navarro, Huntz Liu, Rafael Silveira, Jason Mowry, David Schofield, Brad Woodfin, Heiko Muller, Robert Bowers, Alfons Bytautas, Robert Duxbury, Max Seckel, Jesus Aguado, Marc Burckhardt, Dan Funderburgh, Frank Gonzales


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