Louise Kyriakou / Kels O'Sullivan / Mid Century Curated: From Scandinavia & Japan May 07 2021

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Outré Gallery Fitzroy
7 – 30 May 2021

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Read our interview with Louise to learn more about her art practice.

Louise Kyriakou is a Melbourne based artist whose current practice concentrates on the creation of contemporary ceramic forms using the traditional techniques of low relief sculpting and sgraffito decoration.

Originally an artist/illustrator accustomed to creating two-dimensional works, it wasn't until 2014 that Louise began experimenting with ceramics while teaching visual arts to secondary school students in East Gippsland. As she began exploring surface decoration techniques she could use for lessons with her students, Louise began creating faces on small clay plates with tribal inspired markings, and sunny expressions. The community of ceramic faces has continued to grow in number and style, and they now grace the walls of homes both in Australia and Internationally. Louise now divides her time between her art practice and her education roles in Secondary Schools in Melbourne. 

Read our interview with Kels to learn more about her art practice.

Kels O’Sullivan is an emerging artist with a background in design and illustration. Living and working at Victor Harbor, SA, her natural coastal surroundings are a constant source of inspiration. Influenced by the discipline of modernism, pattern & textile design of the Mid Century, her work is a diverse and constant evolution. Symbolising relationships with everyday forms, expressing emotion, reflecting experiences and surroundings through the use geometry, colour, pattern, line and repetition. She is especially interested in the beauty of the abstracted form and enjoys deconstructing shapes to create beautiful, balanced and emotive compositions. Aside from her fine art pursuits, Kels is an award-winning illustrator and graphic designer.

Mid Century Curated is an ongoing series of exhibitions we have hosted over the past few years. This year’s show focuses on original vintage mid-century era artworks from Scandinavia and Japan. The artworks are offered for sale and courtesy of gallery midlandia at 148 Johnston St, Collingwood. Together with these vintage paintings and prints we will be showing a number of other surprises - you’ll need to come to the opening night to find out more!

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