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Andy Kehoe / Femke Hiemstra


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Femke Hiemstra - Website: here 


Andy Kehoe was born in 1978 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he is currently based. In 2003, he received a BFA in Illustration from Parsons School of Design in New York.

Kehoe’s work is reminiscent of age-old folktales and myth – featuring whimsical woodlands home to creatures from a place and time which are a mystery to us, that exist to light up the imaginations of all those who cross their path.

Originally an illustrator for Dutch magazines, pop surrealist artist Femke Hiemstra's works became so elaborate that she then turned her hand to fine art. Within her paintings she portrays a Grimm-esque world, where highly detailed animal characters are set against dark, surreal settings.

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Lucy Hardie


Lucy Hardie is an Australian artist based in Melbourne, Victoria. Born in Shepparton, Victoria, she began her education at a Waldorf school that her parents built on their farm and it was here that her artistic inclinations were fostered. Surrounded by her mother and father’s extensive collection of art books, she became enchanted at an early age by the work of the Old Masters, Matthias Grünewald, Ilya Repin and the illustrations by H. J. Ford and Ivan Bilibin, often losing herself in their otherworldly imagery.

In 2007, Hardie held her debut solo exhibition at Synergy Gallery in Melbourne, which sold out on opening night. Her work has since been exhibited throughout Australia, in Europe and the US and featured in numerous publications, including Curvy, Semi-Permanent and Mirior Magazine. She holds a Bachelor of Illustration from NMIT in Melbourne, and in 2009, travelled to Austria to commence study with US artist, Philip Rubinov Jacobson, in the 'mischtechnik', an Old Masters method of painting using a combination of resin, egg tempera and oils.

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Lucy Hardie - Website: here  Instagram: here  Facebook here


Tim Kerr

SATURDAY 19TH NOVEMBER - meet Tim at the opening from 2pm

Outré is proud to be hosting an exhibition of artwork by Austin-based artist and musician Tim Kerr. Over the past decade, Tim’s paintings have been shown around the world in museums and galleries. Recent shows including a solo exhibit at the Rosa Parks museum in Montgomery, Alabama (in observance of the famous bus boycotting’s 60th anniversary). Kerr was featured in Juxtapoz magazine late in 2015 in which his work was described as “linked to justice and knowledge—art with meaning and purpose”.

Kerr is a founding member of the pioneering skate punk band, the Big Boys, and the many bands that followed (including current collaboration with members of Mudhoney in Seattle-based band The Monkeywrench whom he will be touring around Australia in November). Gaining increased attention in recent years, however, is Tim’s work as a visual artist, developed on the foundation of his degrees in painting and photography from the University of Texas in Austin. We look forward to hosting Tim’s inaugural Australian showing in November where the artist will be in attendance and his latest paintings will be available for purchase.

Photo below by Sandy Carson via Juxtapoz.

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Tim Kerr - Website: here  Instagram: here