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Here's "Mysticeti", one of the original paintings from our Jen Lobo exhibition "Tree of Life" opening in... http://t.co/EwNiEDybD9

7 days ago

Tai Snaith

Tai Snaith is an artist, illustrator and writer based in Melbourne. Generous doses of honesty, absurdity and animism heavily influence her artwork and ideas alongside a recurring focus on collaboration, experimentation and nature. She draws a wide …Read more


Jen Lobo and Rik Lee Showcase

Outré is proud to announce that we'll be having a joint showcase of original artworks and prints by US artist Jen Lobo and Australian artist Rik Lee. The artists will both be creating original works for …Read more


July Exhibition – Dominique Wylestone and Gemma Jones

Outré Melbourne opens consecutive exhibitions on Friday 18th of July - Dominique Wylestone's "Unseen Tides" and Gemma Jones' "How Am I Not Myself" Dominique's showcase will feature her intricately detailed dry point etchings, made in only short runs due …Read more

  • OfficePolitics

    Office Politics


    From: AUD$305 inc GST
  • tiger_iii

    Tiger III

    James Jean

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