Go Suga – 2019 April 02 2019

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Small Wall Project 
Outré Gallery Melbourne CBD
Exhibition Opening – 6pm, Friday, 22 March 2019 

Go Suga was born in Hiroshima, Japan. He migrated to Australia and settled on the Gold Coast in Queensland in 1990. His talent for drawing has been a lifelong passion with a seamless blending of colour and culture.

Go's work draws upon and reflects his personal views on a wide range of influences including social, political and cultural issues. The vibrant hues, shape and movement amalgamate to create artwork with a mystical quality.

Surftastic 8 was inspired by the Pleiades of Greek mythology. The Pleiades were known as the seven sisters, and the daughters of Atlas. In Go’s vision, there are eight sisters – goddesses surfing in their sanctuary.

Read the interview to learn more about Go's art practice.

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