Kentaro Yoshida – 2019 April 02 2019

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Small Wall Project
Outré Gallery Melbourne CBD
15–24 February 2019

Kentaro Yoshida was born and raised in a rural fishing village in Toyama, Japan. At the age of 18, Kentaro decided to move to Australia in pursuit of the English language, sunny beaches and a more balanced lifestyle. After a decade, he is now an illustrator and artist, and is currently based in the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Kentaro is passionate about both traditional and digital mediums. Kentaro's pastel toned artwork has bold line-work, quirky characters, and a beach-side sense of humour. He has worked with various international brands, as well as individuals for private commissions. Kentaro also specialises in hand-painting artwork from large-scale murals, to detailed painting on fragile watercolour paper.

Permanent Holiday was inspired by Kentaro's decision to live in Australia permanently with his family and adopting the surfing lifestyle.

Read the interview to learn more about Kentaro's art practice.


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