Stephen Doan – 2017 June 30 2017

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Small Wall Project
Outré Gallery Melbourne CBD
30 June – 9 July 2017

Stephen Doan is a Melbourne based illustrator, tattooist, graphic designer and failed breakdancer. Best known for his hyper-realistic stylised portraiture work, Stephen's tattooing influences have also armed him with a more loose - graphic approach to his image making. With a strong interest in low brow art, 80's paraphernalia and tattoo culture, coupled with a graphic design background this has enabled him to explore other subject matters with the same sensibility and eye for composition.

Stephen's latest collection of works titled "VS" explores a body of character relationships, amusing, fierce and at times unnerving, all in all enthralling and engaging. These pairings include heroes and villains, sports rivalries to co-workers. Through showcasing the partnership of good and evil, it begs the question of the mortality of this relatable conflict. Could life exist without good or evil?

Read our interview with Stephen to learn more about his art practice.

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